La Musica Latina shakira

Shakira Isabel Mebarak RIpoll nacio Febrero 2, 1977. Nacio en Barranquilla, Colombia. Ella escribio su primera cancion a la edad de 8. Con un padre libanés y madre colombiana, Shakira rinde homenaje a su Latino y árabe patrimonio en su música. Ella también firmó su primer contrato discográfico a la edad de 13. Ella no asistió a escuela de música o de la Universidad. Shakira had an audition the judges were not excited about her they thought she was "a lost cause" but, until she performed three songs we judges were very surprised of her performance so the signed her albums. Shakira didn't care about what others thought about her voice people would always bring her down but that didn't stop her from succeeding. Her genre of music is pop latino music meaning she sings in spanish but she has hip hop beats with her songs. Shakira best album is "Sale El Sol" year released 2010. Shakira's albums are "Laundry Service, Oral Fixation Vol. 2, Fijacion Oral Vol,1" Top 3 songs "How Do You do" "Don't Bother" "Illegal"and "The day and the time"

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