Story Of Qatar

1) In 1948 Qatar life expectancy and income per person started to increase this is due to the great revenue from their newly found buisness which is the oil industry. This made their life expectancy longer because Qatar had money to make their healthcare better. Before they found this indusrty Qatar had another buisness and a way of making money which is pearling and fishing but like I said before as soon as they found the oil industry Qatar made more revenue and therefore they can make the life expectancy longer with better healthcare.

2) In 1940 Qatar Child mortality started to decrease and their life expectancy increased. I think this happened because Qatar might have reaserched medication and got better healthcare. When I reserched Qatar had big revenue from their newly found buisness which is the oil indusrty and therefore qatar had money to increase and make their infustructure better like healthcare.

3) In 1949 Qatar's child mortality rate started to decrease drastically and by 1969 babies per women started to decrease as well with the child mortality rate. I think this because in 1969 Qatar might have gotten better better healthcare and therefore the child mortality rate decreased with the babies per women. When I researched it i found out that Qatar started spending more money on their infustructure which the money came from the oil discovery.

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