Strength to Strive Forward How the deadly soccer tEam plane crash strengthened those who survived and others

In History not many sports teams have all had an incident similar to what happened to the Chapecoense soccer team where most of their athletes, coaches/trainers, journalist, and even their pilots died. With that being said, only about 6 out of 71 people on the plane crashed and from those 6, remained 3 players. However despite rigorous challenges similar to these that the 3 players had to face, their hope and courage strengthens them day by day to strive forward.

There was once a boy named Andy who was a terrific soccer player in and outside of school. He was so good he may even have had an opportunity to go pro. However all the pressure from his dad yelling at him during games from the sidelines made him make a risky move on the pitch one day at a tournament in San Diego. The tackle was horrific and caused Andy to tear most of the ligaments in his leg including his ACL. This was a clearly sign that Andy would have to sit out for about 1 year to 2 years and have surgery in order to fix his leg. However despite Andy not being able to play soccer anymore for a while, he had a group of loving people who would look after him like friends and family. With the help of his loved ones, Andy have enough strength to strive forward despite the rigorous challenge he faced. Soon later, 1 year passed and Andy was able to play and do what he loved the most, soccer.
Soon after the devastating loss of almost an entire team known as Chapecoense, a final match game had been planned where the team would go against their rivals, Atletico Nacional. However since no team was present due to their loss, a ceremony was held in order to remember those who died in the crash. White balloons are being set free as a symbol of a new beginning and purity to symbolize the way in which the team would be remembered and strengthened to move forward
Despite the incident of losing the team and a few players losing limbs resulting them in not being able to play soccer anymore, the help and aid from each other as well as those players who were on the reserves, the strength and courage to strive forward as a team and unite as one helps succeed. In addition the hashtag "#ForcaChape" was well known for trying to interpret that Chapecoense has enough force to overcome this obstacle
The start of a new beginning is depicted when the remaining players of Chapecoense take on their first game back from the plane crash and raise the trophy they earned previously. (Hoist- To raise) // Source-

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