But First, Jazz Theory Its influence on sight reading

Although jazz first meets the world at a dusty corner of an old pub, no musician can overlook the profound birth of a new musical era.
Sight reading is not simple for all the notations need to be interpreted as soon as the sheet music is received. Learning jazz theory enables musicians to absorb the indicated notations and perform precisely as they are written.
A simple 'A minor' chord can turn into...

A simple 'A minor' chord can be variated into nine different chords. After practicing jazz theories, students can not only read such complicated chords, but also apply them while playing.

Just like finger prints, all musicians have their own unique styles

Based on theoretical knowledge,students can boldly, entirely express their musical inspirations using wide range of notations.

One teacher's compassion towards one student

Teachers should provide one-by-one care that focuses on each student's reading ability, improvisation skills, consistency in practicing, musical textures, etc.

If the dean of the music program at Liberty University instituted jazz theory class in the current curriculum, students will experience a distinctive improvement in their musicianship.


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