Utah Faith Parks

Flower: Sego Lily

When it became a state: January 4, 1896

Capital: Salt Lake City

Nickname: The Beehive State


Bordering States: Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, Wyoming, lists of U.S. Regions


Population: 2,900 Rank: 33 or 50

Professional Sports Teams: Utah Jazz 1979 Basketball

Historical Sites:Desolation Canyon,Temple Square

Topography: High Colorado plateau cut by brilliantly colored canyons in the southeast; broad, flat, desert like Great Basin of the west; the Great Salt Lake and Bonneville Salt Flats in the northwest; Middle Rockies in the northeast running east-west; valleys and plateaus of the Wasatch Front.

Utah is the best state to live in because of it's population and it's features. Utah is a great place to have a vacation at because it's nice and warm in the summer and cold in winter there is a hole bunch of lakes and animals there as well. Also you should go there for all the fun things to do. And those are my reasons you should live, or visit the state named Utah.

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