My calling christina i know ur reading this ithink ythis chick is giving birth

Ok so my calling/ what I want to be is a doctor. i dont really know what kind maybe a general surgeon, and if I am a surgeon than first im going to beMY CALLING

My calling/what I want to be is a doctor. I don’t really know what kind of doctor yet, but if Im a surgeon than I have to be a surgical nurse first to get used to it.The first time I wanted to be a doctor or had thoughts of being a doctor was when I was 3, my siblings would get hurt and I would run to them and start being a doctor yeah professional from a young age. I have to be a nurse first because I have to see if I like it. So what the nurses do is the doctor tells them stuff like scalpel and clamps and turn down the heat and stuff. The nurses sometimes have to help with the surgery like holding their guts. Also I might be a nurse or doctor in NICU, neonatal intensive care unit, it’s where they care for really small babies and you could get switched at birth. Like preemies which are premature. Its cute. Also this is probably the least of my thought but a doctor in the ed, emergency department, where the people who come in the ambulance go. they see all kinds of stuff; it’s probably the scariest for people who have small stomachs. So yeah um if your dying call me a 1800doctors, also mentalnote i need t do an iq test GReS ANATOMY. This is my future to serve our God because I will tell people about Christ. I need to get an Associate by 16. Yeah i need to be a doctor before

so chicago med

wanna be a doctor


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