Power edTech Weekly October 12, 2020

This week’s edition focuses on some help with StudySync for ELA teachers, some practical Google Chrome tips you can share with students, and continuing to explore various features and tools available in Zoom. Additionally, there’s an overview of formative assessment tools you can use with students this week!

Getting Help

If you are in need of any assistance regarding any edTech issue, please reach out. Also, I’ve updated the Students & Families help center on gorams.tech/help so you can direct anyone needing help with at-home learning there to get the assistance they need.

This Week’s Quick Tips!

StudySync Tips

I put out a few resources to help with StudySync from both a student's and teachers perspective. These include:

Organize your Bookmarks

A helpful tip for both teachers and students. Watch this tutorial on creating folders and managing bookmarks in Google Chrome.

Formative Assessment

Being able to formatively assess student understanding is especially important in remote or hybrid learning situations. Using Zoom, Google Classroom, Mentimeter, and Kahoot are some great ways to easily gauge how your students are doing within each and any lesson. Check out this blog post to learn more.

Zoom Tips

Students at the middle and high school level have been assigned Zoom accounts and should be logging into each meeting with their NPS Google account.

Student Help Links

Teacher Zoom Tips

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