Nature Activity at the FLMNH Andrew Hudson

Nature on Display

This mountain lion exhibit was very appealing to me because it exemplifies the power that these creatures have. The set up of this exhibit places the animals up high, towering over the other animals, in a fierce stance of dominance. The exhibit taught me how the animals of this ecosystem interact with each other, which I would not have been able to understand without seeing it. The animals were so lifelike that it seemed as though they were real, making the spectator feel like they are actually immersed in the natural environment. The realistic aspects are what made the museum so enjoyable.

Nature and Ethics

The Natural History Museum made it easy to feel like I was a part of the "biotic community" in the Butterfly Rainforest. The beauty in the exhibit was captivating and captured the feeling of being in a real rainforest. This exhibit made me feel like I had transported to a whole new place and that I was experiencing nature in an entirely different way. The other people there, mostly being children, were amazed by the beautiful landscape and loved finding all the creatures that they could. It was so easy to connect with nature there because you were actually put inside of it, which made me realize that I was a part of it and that I should help keep it protected.

Nature and the Human Spirit

The Walk through Time exhibit really stuck out to me because it showed me the development of the world we live in over time. It reminded me that the world is much bigger than myself and how minuscule that I really am. This exhibit in the museum helped me to get another point of view and made me think about how our world is always changing and that I want to be a part of that change. The history of our world is so mysterious and I am dumbfounded by all of the things that we still haven't discovered. This part of the museum made me appreciate all of the progress that we have made to get to life as it is today.


Andrew Hudson

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