Mental Illness Retreat by jacinta strathearn

Mental Illness is a serious issue in Australia, 3 million Australians are suffering from mental illnesses. There are many different strategies to promote mental illness. My strategy is to create a retreat day that all Australian schools have to get involved in. The strategies that will be used are activities, speeches, and meditation.

Instruction-Retreat Day:

Donation to Beyond Blue- Collect gold coin donation and play video about mental illness.

1 Donation can make a huge change!!

Activity- Go around the class and let the group know something that you don't like about your body then explain the advantage of having it.

Speech/Video- Guest speaker talks about their journey through Mental Illness explaining how they treated it, question time, then watch video.

Meditation- The students will be silent spread apart while they write their weaknesses and strength on a piece of paper, while listening to music.

Speech- Beyond blue presents in Auditorium.


  • 8:35am: Arrive at auditorium and get into house groups.
  • 9:30am:Goath- Auditorium for donation ceremony. Usic- Lecture Theatre for activity. Tine- Mochushulor for speech/video. Talamh- S block for meditation.
  • 10:30am: Morning tea
  • 11:00am: Assemble in Auditorium: Goath- Lecture Theatre for activity. Usic- Mochushular for speech/video. Tine- S block for meditation. Talamh- auditorium for donation ceremony.
  • 11:40am: Goath- Mochushular for speech/video. Usic- S block for meditation. Tine- Auditorium for donation ceremony. Talamh- Lecture Theatre for activity.
  • 12:30pm: Lunch
  • 1:00pm: Assemble in Auditorium: Goath- S block for meditation. Usic- Auditorium for donation ceremony. Tine- Lecture Theatre for activity. Talamh- Mochushular for speech/video.
  • 1:45pm: Assemble in Auditorium for a speech from Beyond blue.
  • 2:35pm: Home time

Justification of Strategies

My 1st strategy is donating to Beyond Blue as they are a very good website that created help for people that suffer from Mental illness. Beyond Blue is suited for teenagers, parents and teachers as it is very educational and guiding. This website explains the symptoms, treatments, and strategies for Mental Illness. Donating to beyond blue is useful as it can allow it to move to bigger and better things.

My 2nd strategy for promoting mental illness and well-being would be effective because of the useful educational activities. The use of activities bring peers together while they are learning good strategies and having fun. For the activity the students have to share what they don't like about their appearance, then state an advantage of having it. This teaches the students that bottling things up is bad for your mental health. Talking ti someone that you can trust is the first step to recovery. keeping it all bottled up is not good as it can make you mentally unhealthy.

My 3rd strategy for promoting mental illness is a speech and video. This strategy is useful as the students will hear a touching story and it will hopefully get through to them. Also the guest speaker will talk about their journey and wold have different strategies that students can learn from. the video will catch the students eye as the people are talking and describing what they are saying through sketchers. Using this strategy will educate the children because the speech/video is educational.

My final strategy is meditation. During the meditation the students will be silent while they write down their strengths and weaknesses on a piece of paper while listening to music. this strategy is useful as the music will take them to a peaceful place in their mind while they open up.

Promoting mental health is a very important concern as not many people really understand what it is. I believe that using these strategies can help anyone that goes through mental illness.

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