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Inside Kick Axe Throwing Philly

Philly Gets Hit with Opening of First Kick Axe Throwing Venue

NFL Star Brian Westbrook to Help Kick Off Grand Opening Celebration, May 3

PHILADELPHIA (April 18, 2019) – Kick Axe Throwing, a growing chain of axes and libations in a lodge-like setting, announced today its first Old City Philadelphia location will host a grand opening event on Friday, May 3 in the former Stephen Starr Tangerine property at 232 Market Street. As part of the celebration, starting at 6 p.m., Kick Axe will host former Philadelphia Eagles running back Brian Westbrook for fan photos and autograph signings. Kick Axe Philadelphia will donate a portion of the grand opening proceeds to support the Wounded Warrior Project.

Kick Axe Philadelphia is an urban, 9,000-square-foot axe-throwing venue with the feel of a 5-star mountain lodge, complete with fireplace and bar. Increasing in popularity across the country, axe-throwing is a game of skill where men and women of all ages chuck a hatchet at a wooden bullseye. The venue offers 10 ranges with 20 targets that can each hold up to 12 guests. Every group is paired with an “Axe Pro,” one of Kick Axe’s trained professionals tasked with the training and safety of every guest.

Unlike traditional axe-throwing venues in the U.S., Kick Axe Philadelphia will serve a full food menu complete with items such as slow-cooked brisket, hand-tossed nachos, thin crust pizza, and much more. In addition, the bar offers a large variety of beer, including canned and draft, as well as hard ciders, spiked seltzers and wine. Liquor is also available for special events.

“With competitive socializing on the rise, Kick Axe is like an elevated version of darts that offers an unplugged experience ideal for breaking down barriers between co-workers, dates, and friends,” said Kick Axe Founder and Owner (and Philly native) Ginger Flesher-Sonnier. “There is something really primal about it that gives people a chance to put down their phones and learn new things about themselves and the people around them.”

Kick Axe Philadelphia offers a full special events staff, trained concierges, two VIP areas with refined décor, and multiple seating areas with an array of board games to keep guests occupied before and after their throwing sessions.

For more information or to schedule a booking at Kick Axe Philadelphia, call the venue at 833-745-9293 or visit www.kickaxe.com/philly.

About Kick Axe:

Kick Axe is a premiere axe-throwing experiential entertainment company, a part of the Ginger Companies, with lodge locations in Philadelphia, PA; Brooklyn, NY; and Washington, D.C. Ideal for gatherings of friends, corporate team building, birthdays & bachelorette parties. Kick Axe is open to ages eight and above. For more information, visit www.KICKAXE.com.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kickaxethrowing

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kickaxethrowing


Max Klein, Director of Marketing

The Ginger Companies



Sisi & Mel

Sisi and Mel decided to explore New York City, get medieval, drink some beers, and throw some axes at Kick Axe Throwing in Brooklyn!

Credit Jeenah Moon for The New York Times

Ax Throwing and Beer, a Fun New Combo in Brooklyn

“Everyone always says, ‘What could possibly go wrong?’” said Ginger Flesher-Sonnier, the owner of Kick Axe, a new bar where guests toss shiny silver axes at big wooden targets. This sporting club has 10 metal-caged ax ranges in which groups of up to 10 are assigned...


Live Out Your 'Game of Thrones' Fantasies at This Ax-Throwing Bar in New York City

Have you watched Game of Thrones, Braveheart, or Vikings and wondered what it would be like to not only hold an ax, let alone throw one?

"Axpert" Erica Ferguson (right) offered some axe-throwing tips to reporter Raquel Lanieri. Credit:Stefano Giovannini

Now Brooklynites are throwing axes for fun

Forget shooting pool or playing darts. One Brooklyn bar offers a much more thrilling way to get your kicks — by throwing axes.

And a beer only cost $5!

Ax throwing gains in popularity as pastime, sport

“People are like, ‘Sharp objects and beer? What a great idea that is.’ But truthfully, after you have a couple drinks you start to actually throw a little bit better,” said Alexander Stine, an “axepert” at Kick Axe. He honed his own skills growing up in Colorado throwing knives at carnivals and now trains newcomers on proper technique. “It’s about believing in your ability to do something you didn’t think you could do before.”

Photo: Rina Raphael

Axe-Throwing Bars: Why Mixing Weapons And Beer Is Surprisingly Good Business

“There’s something really primal about it,” says Ginger Flesher-Sonnier, referring to the sensation of throwing an axe. “It’s hard to describe–it just feels good.”

“Throwing darts doesn’t feel as satisfying,” explains Flesher-Sonnier, who also serves as CEO.

You Can Drink And Throw Axes At This New York Bar

It's like darts — for the hardest of hardcore.

Video: Karen Gillan can't believe how good she got at throwing axes!

The video, which the Scottish actress shared on Instagram, was taken at Kick Axe Throwing bar in Brooklyn, NYC.

Julie Stewart Drinks featuring PFT Commenter at Kick Axe Throwing. We're gassin' beers and chuckin' axes on this episode.

An AX Throws in Brooklyn

Elle McLogan headed to Brooklyn to try her hand at a new sport.

New York's first ax-throwing range opens in Brooklyn

"We're really glad Kick Axe is the first in New York and we're going to bring ax throwing to another level," Daniel Velasco, an "axpert" at Kick Axe, told WPIX-TV. "It helps everyone get off all their aggression of the week just by chucking axes at a board."

If you've ever wanted to throw an axe like a pro, 'Kick Axe Throwing' is the place to go. The Brooklyn-based throwing range lets guests participate in various axe-throwing games led by trained 'Axeperts'. The indoor range also offers a full bar so you can sit back and drink a cold one in between your axe-hurling.

Enjoy a Drink While Throwing an Ax in Brooklyn

(GOWANUS, Brooklyn): Lumberjacks aren’t the only people who can throw an ax.

For $35 per person, you can put your ax-throwing skills to the test at Kick Axe Throwing in Brooklyn.

Don’t worry about the fact that you may have never thrown an ax before. The Axperts are there to take you through a step-by-step process of hitting the bullseye.

You can literally throw axes at the wall at a new Brooklyn bar

Thus far, every time I have pulled out a fully sharpened metal axe following my weekly dark and stormy at the neighborhood bar and hurled it toward the wall with wild abandon, both patrons and staff have reacted negatively. We've all been there. But fret not—the new Gowanus bar Kick Axe promises a space that encourages rather than shames the embedding of hatchets into walls with great force and fury.

Paul Mitchell's MVRK Barbershop Line debuts at Kick Axe Throwing Brooklyn in a full-venue buyout.

MVRCK Celebrates Its New Collection with the Swing of an Axe

Wednesday evening, John Paul Mitchell Systems celebrated its foray into the barber-sphere, MVRCK by Mitch, at an uncommon but appropriate event to introduce the new products. Held at Kick Axe Throwing in Brooklyn, NY, the gathering featured three MVRCK Barbers (Fern The Barber, Jason Reyes and Brandon Palmore), who helped create the line, as well as the chance for guests to try out their hand at axe-throwing—supervised by an Axe-pert, of course.

FIELD TRIP: Ax throwing in Brooklyn? AXually...you can!

Ryan Field checks out Kick Axe in Brooklyn in the latest Field Trip.

GOWANUS, Brooklyn (WABC) -- Ax throwing in Brooklyn? You can imagine I was a little puzzled by the idea at first. Wait, I can go throw axes? Indoors? For fun? You bet! So what a perfect idea for this week's 'Field Trip,' as we headed to Gowanus to a place called "Kick Axe"...

Axe Your Ex Party Hosted by 95.5 PLJ NY at Kick Axe Throwing

It’s Valentine’s Day... and we couldn’t think of a better way to get over your ex than throwing an axe at them! Thanks to Kick Axe Throwing for providing us a therapeutic yet safe way to throw axes at our exes!

Oh, This? Just a New Axe-Throwing Lodge in Gowanus

Just What 2017 Called For

And then, the skies opened up and the gods bestowed upon New Yorkers a 7,000-square-foot axe-throwing venue.

As if saying here, New Yorkers. We know you've had a hard year, New Yorkers.

Come throw a hatchet at a wooden bullseye with great force, then enjoy a crisp cider in a lumberjack-style lodge, New Yorkers.

New Axe-Throwing Bar in Brooklyn Lets You Throw as You Drink

The space features a bar with a fireplace (winter hangout perhaps?) as well as 10 ranges with 20 targets. If you get bored between throws, Kick Axe also provides boardgames for guests to use.

‘Sweet Spot’ With Mike Sugerman: Axes & Alcohol In Brooklyn

Is there any better combination than ax throwing and alcohol?

That’s a question being ‘axed’ at a new bar that recently opened in, where else, Brooklyn.


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