Good Life Nature Activity at FLMNH Kathryn Gutierrez

Frogs a Chorus of Color Exhibit- photographed by Kathryn Gutierrez

Nature on Display: I found the frog exhibit very interesting because of the bright colors and excitement of seeing such a wide variety of frog species in person. The entire exhibit is dimly lit with the majority of the light emerging from the frogs habitats. The informational posters throughout the room were colorful and helped illuminate the room while providing helpful and informative facts about the frogs. I found this layout intriguing because of its aesthetic appeal and believe it was an interesting way to emphasize each frog habitat in its own way. I also feel like the live animals gave the exhibit an additional element that I enjoyed. It's much more fun to learn about animals when you can see them right in front of you versus just looking at pictures or skeletons. It was also fun to try to find the frogs in each habitat as they were often camouflaged with their environment and not always easy to see at first. I believe being able to see the animals in person as I was learning about them made the information more relevant, understandable, and exciting.

South Florida People and Environment Exhibit- photographed by Kathryn Gutierrez

Nature and Ethics:This exhibit gave me a greater respect for the land and our environment because it made the information very relevant and personal. While there were aspects of the exhibit that were centered around Florida history in regards to people and its inhabitants, what interested me most was the information about the mangrove forests and oceans. The exhibits were designed to look and feel as though you were actually outdoors and in these environments. These exhibits helped me to learn about the importance of mangrove forests in our ecosystem as well as the biodiversity in the ocean and why we must protect it. It made me want to visit these ecosystems in person to enjoy them for their worth but also to do my part to preserve them, which I believe was Leopold's intention. The museum in general does a fairly decent job of allowing its visitors to connect with nature with all the live exhibits and those crafted to look as close to the real thing as possible. Upon leaving, I was filled with the desire to take more of an activist role in protecting my environment instead of being so passive and expecting others to do it for me.

Butterfly Rainforest- photographed by Kathryn Gutierrez

Nature and the Human Spirit: I believe The Butterfly Rainforest exhibit in the Natural History museum helped me to take time out of my day to connect with nature. I came into the museum feeling stressed and anxious but all those feelings went away the second I stepped into the Butterfly Rainforest. The exhibit itself is exquisite with the lush greenery, but nothing was as amazing as the feeling I had when I saw the first butterfly in the exhibit. I felt a sense of overwhelming joy rush over me as I began to notice more butterflies and I found the exhibit to be quite peaceful and relaxing. I believe the museum shows us that it is important to take a little time out of our day every once in a while to appreciate nature and the world around us. When we can connect with the natural world like this, we become more in tune with our own mind and body and I believe makes us more productive and at peace as a result.


All photos were taken by and feature Kathryn Gutierrez

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