Tour of the Natural History Museum JEssa GAnt

Nature on Display: Butterfly exhibit. The butterfly exhibit is a beautiful enclosure filled with beautiful exotic plants and hosts a myriad of colorful butterflies from around the world. The enclosure had a trail that winds through a magnificent garden, and the appeal is further enhanced with the water system that runs through to a pond near the entrance. I loved being surrounded by so many natural colors in the form of both flora and butterflies. I did not previously understand how different in size and color butterflies could be until I saw so many different ones side-by-side. The exhibit was very appealing in an aesthetic and an adventurous sense.

Nature and Ethics: Frog Exhibit. The frog exhibit was really cool, because it gave me a chance to see many different species of frog I had never seen. Many people at the exhibit found them just as appealing as I did. I think it is important to preserve many ecological habitats, as these frogs all required very specific conditions to thrive and develop in. I think it would be a shame to disrupt a large ecological system just for human gain, when we could loose a whole species of an organism in the process; doing so would not be properly caring for the earth.

Nature and the Human Spirit: Sloth Skeleton: I love the fossil section of the museum. The fossils always set me in awe of the majesty of God's creation. Even though these animals are extinct, it makes me appreciate God's creation even more to know that they once roamed the same earth I do. I think, if God made animals with the potential to be this amazing and majestic, how much more capability do I have as a woman who is made in the likeness of God. :)


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