Just Getting Started by myla la bine

Letter Video

This video is a letter I narrated to my mom. My mom passed away on June 18, 2016 from Ovarian Cancer.

This is a video where I asked three SJSU students if they felt safe on campus. The results were surprising, take a look.

Working Poor

This is a story about my good friend Sophia. Sophia is a nineteen year old college student who works about thirty hours a week. Her family has been going through a rough time: her parents are divorced and she has to help take care of her two siblings. She drives them to and from school, to either her dad's house in Milpitas or her mom's house in Fremont every weekday. She is hoping to transfer from Ohlone to SJSU, but is having a difficult time with finances.

Gamechanger: Chemistry Tutor

At San Jose State University, there are few students that go above and beyond their studies. However, Lovejot Singh is much different than the average student. Lovejot Singh is a twenty-year-old microbiology major at SJSU who works for Peer Connections on campus, where he tutors students in CHEM 1A. Despite commuting to campus, he spends most of his extra time helping others at SJSU. Two students, Stephanie and Will shared their experience of being tutored by Lovejot in the library. "He is always willing to help and answer questions," student Stephanie Phan says. They both agreed: Lovejot isn't just there because it's his job, they feel that he actually cares for their wellbeing. Lovejot does not just tutor five days a week; he also volunteers at the community garden at SJSU on Friday afternoons. "It's really important for me to give back, not just to the community but to students I tutor. I know it can be hard to focus when you're hungry and I want to make sure they have something to eat so they can be successful in the course," Lovejot says. He says he decided to start volunteering because he knows food insecurity is a big problem in San Jose. Student Will Tran says that Lovejot has inspired him to volunteer at the community garden since receiving food from him. "It's definitely made me want to try to volunteer there," he says. Lovejot has proven with his actions that he truly cares about the well-being of his classmates. He is the true definition of a community gamechanger.

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