Important Discovery Made By Local Student pING-CHIN,school newspaper lead reporter

Placeline:The Unionville high school, Markham

Unionville high school

Lead:Many student use the technology on the class. The grade 9 local students have a important discovery. Technology's radiation will influences people' brains development. They according to the student's mark, and radiation will influences biological.Their mark usually lower than other student.

Body:"If student use translator.They can finish the work faster,but their English will progress very slow. when they didn't have translator, they always fail the test.' said Melissa Caufield. 'When the lab rats life with radiation. They will be smaller than normal lab rat, and they will die early'. said biological teacher.
people's brain replace by technology

The student use technology can help them finish the work faster, but they don't use their brain. They will progress slow. The technology's radiation will influences organism development. We shouldn't depend the technology. It will break natual, and replace human

technology will influences



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