Plant project Joel URIBE MARTINEz

The most primitive plant on earth are Bryophytes. The two traits are Nonsulor plant and proudce spors instead seeds. Two examples mosses and livewort hurnwort.

Gymnosperms: Description Millions of years after the appearance of ferns, a group of woody land plants arose. These plants were gymnosperms. Two Traits A seed is a reproductive structure of a plant and have true roots, stems, and leaves. Two Examples:Seed and vascular plant.

Angiosperms Description:Scientists estimate that angiosperms first appeared about 150 million years ago. Two traits:type vascular, flowering plant highly developed and vascular system of transport tubes. Two examples Flowers and oak tree.


Created with images by V31S70 - "Bryophyte" • wapiko☆ - "bryophyte" • Nicola since 1972 - "Leaf - IMG_0438" • Stewart - "Red Spinach" • S. Rae - "Eucryphia lucida (Leatherwood)" • Scott Loarie - "Angiosperms"

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