the Roman Empire by: Marrek Hennessy

So let's begin this isn't going to be any ordinary presentation it's going to be an adventure!
The gods.
They believed in 10 gods.
These are their 10 gods.
The roman coliseum
The coliseum from a distant angle
The leaning tower of piza
But that isn't all.
The roman clothes.
Some clothes were called a tunic and a toga.
And they wash themselves before they go anywhere.They even wore jewelry.
Are you hungry well then here is an introduction of food and drinks.
They usually drank wine.
Since they live in Italy they ate pizza.I'm kidding they didn't have that back then.But that does look delicious.
More foods that they ate.
These are the roman's ready to fight.
In the old times if they wanted land they didn't pay for it they fought for it so there was allot of death in the old days but life has changed.
WOW am i hungry! Now would you like to learn about their sports.
They had a game where they raced horses in bugies.
They even battled for entertainment.
Now the social hierarchy.
The social hierarchy.
This is their social hierarchy.
Their inventions.
They invented the arch.
Ha they even invented the toilet paper.
Even the the pencil.
The government in the roman empire cool.
Look for yourself.
This is their government.
The alphabet a,b,c,d,e,f,g oh no not that alphabet silly the roman alphabet.
How about that boys and girls.
It's school time.time to learn about their education.
The school from outside.
Their school from inside.
The creation of law.
How dare you brake the law i'm just kidding.
The roman empire was beautiful till they were attacked.
AH isn't it so beautiful.
I was interested in the roman empire because I thought that learning about the roman's because their armor was red and that is my favourite color do you like red too.And because I didn't know much about it so I thought learning about it would be cool.
Of course I had questions like, what are some of the names of cities?Like Pompeii and the via Dell'Abbondanza. And what type of weapons did they use to fight with?Swords and sheilds were the most common.
They lasted from 27 bc to 476 ad.
Famous people like me.No like Julius Caesar.
This is Julius Caesar
Julius Caesar was a politician and a general.
Some of their history.
The rule of Augustus Caesar brings an unprecedented forty years of peace in Italy. With few setbacks on distant frontiers, Rome and its territories enjoy a steady increase in prosperity and trade.
The frontiers of empire are slightly extended. More important, they become stablized and properly defended. Professional careers are now possible in the army (recruits sign on for sixteen years, later increased to twenty) and in the civil service. Improved roads make it easier to keep in close touch with distant parts of the Roman world, and to move troops wherever they are needed. New towns, built to Roman design, are established in areas where there was previously no administrative structure.
The region in which Augustus makes the most effort to extend the empire is beyond the Alps into Germany. By 14 BC the German tribes are subdued up to the Danube. In the next five years Roman legions push forward to the Elbe. But this further border proves impossible to hold. In AD 9 Arminius, a German chieftain of great military skill, destroys three Roman legions in the Teutoburg Forest.
Read more:

Their houses.

They had windows up high so no robberies could happen.
Now an introduction on what happened when they married and how they celebrated it.
The marriage was
For this reason, there were specific laws governing marriage. A proper Roman marriage could not take place unless bride and groom were Roman citizens, or had been granted special permission, called “conubium.”
At one point in Roman history, freed slaves had been forbidden to marry citizens. This restriction was relaxed by Emperor Augustus who passed a reform in 18 BC called the lex Julia so that, by the first century, freed slaves were only prohibited from marrying senators.
Augustus insisted on other restrictions on marriage. Citizens were not allowed to marry actresses and provincial officials were not allowed to marry the normal women. Soldiers were only allowed to marry in certain circumstances and marriages to close relatives were not aloud. Finally,isn't faithful wives divorced by their husbands could not remarry [expert].
And that's all folks.
Thank's for seeing my website.

By: Marrek Hennessy for more information call 613-922-9388.And click here(look down.)

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