Sovereign Citizen Movement Noteworthy Items

Members of this movement often use the following tactics....

Referring to an address as "near" a zip code

Bracketing a zip code ([10001] )

Omitting a zip code from legal documents

Unnecessarily adding the word “state” or “republic” after an address (Hawaii State, Texas Republic, etc.)

Listing home country as united States of America (u.S.A.)

Referring to an address as “near” a zip code

“Non-Resident, Non-Domestic Delivery”

They also utilize FRAUDS & SCAMS

Pyramid schemes, investment schemes, bogus trust scams, real estate fraud, tax frauds
Mortgage / Foreclosure Schemes
  • Purport to be able to save properties from foreclosure
  • Scheme targets desperate property owners
  • Victims pay thousands of dollars to have their mortgage eliminated
  • Land patents used to protect one’s property from creditors and foreclosure [Land patents historically used by the federal government to transfer title of public lands to private ownership]
  • Squatting – First file bogus deeds, change locks, then move in


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