Petta Mellark By paul autenzio

Quote; A quote he mentioned was ‘’You here to finish me off sweetheart?’’ When he sees Katnniss

A Good Song; El Chapo Jr (clean version) by 2 Chainz;

About me; I like Katniss and I act very nice to people. I am 18 years old. I’ve saved Katniss’s life a few times. I’d like to help Katniss by burning bread on purpose and giving it to her. I’m kind and very nice and I shows feelings for Katniss and I think that I’m pretty chill. I'm from district 12.

My latest blog entry; How did Katniss not notice me? Was I buried too deep in mud for her not to hear me? Eventually she found me and I asked her if she was here to finish me off sweetheart? I asked her to keep me alive. She told me to be careful as she went to the feast for medicine. But I was worried that something would happen to her. Earlier when I saw Katniss I was so relieved and I felt safe because we all know if it was anyone else I would of been killed because I can barely move. I wouldn’t have been able to protect myself either

My skills; My name is Petta Mellark and I like bread I cood bread and i helped and gave Katniss bread that I burnt on purpose. I like to camouflage and I'm very skilled. I also like helping people like for example when I saved Katniss a couple times. This is because I show feelings toward Katniss. I think she knows though because she caught me staring at her in school a couple times.

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Paul Autenzio


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