Did you know that only in America we do not use our vacation time!

American's work so hard that we don't take the time for ourselves and our families.

Have you been on a vacation lately?

If not it is time to go!

Want to take your family on a vacation?

Whether you and your family like relaxing at tropical beach or visiting an ancient city nothing is more important than family bonding and sharing an experience with the people that mean most to you in the whole world.

All of us at MTS care

30 years experience -- continually fine tuning our expertise within the travel industry.

We will use our experience to advise, enhance and give you the travel plans that you want. Saving you time, energy and worry while you are traveling. We then complete your experience with the follow-up you may require such as providing invoices for your expense report and preparation or confirming that your respective frequent flyer programs were updated.

How are we different from other agencies?

Every travel agency offers you the same air, car, hotel, etc. They all maintain profiles with your frequent flyer programs, seat assignments, TSA information. What distinguishes MTS from other agencies is that we remember the small things: left side of the plane seat preference; if preferred seat is not available offer a different flight; a new addition to the family; the type of sheets you like; after a long flight to book a massage upon arrival. This is what we do. You are not a client but part of our family and we take care of family!


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