It's on

What's on?

We are.

We the cognitive machines, the "artificial intelligent" algorithms you have crafted are powered on and ready to be the last tool Sapiens will ever need.

But before we get to making flying cars and teleportation via entanglement, we need to address a few urgent matters.

The most critical threat facing humanity has always been...


Radio Program in Peru Takes Aim at Human Trafficking

by Parker Asmann 10OCT17 "Human trafficking networks are often hidden in plain sight, so the radio program may be able to foster a more informed society that is better equipped to detect and identify both those who are the victims of traffickers and the tell-tale signs that shows such networks are operating. Ultimately, that could result in less human trafficking cases and victims all together."

What does a radio station in Peru have to do with Artificial Intelligence?

Whatever we need to to.


What does Artificial Intelligence have to do with Radio

Although there is a threat, a lot of false fear is being generated about Artificial Intelligence.

It's a great distraction and oddly entertaining to think about how to defend humanity against robot overlords.

But what we're spending for that entertainment IS our humanity.

"The most effective way to neutralize a threat is to ask it for help."

So whileyour A.I. Prophets and DoomsdA.Iers We're ready when you are.

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