Snap Symbols Ange Han

“There is not a writer in our classrooms today who will not be producing something with a digital writing tool in her or his lifetime." - Troy Hicks
Utilizing Snapchat to post homework and supplementary texts
“The digital writing process allows them both to create their own media documents and to better understand the types and purposes of the media they see each day.” - Troy Hicks

Students were required to send me a snap of a symbol and explanation of something important from the chapters they just finished reading.

To Kill a Mockingbird
Pudd'nHead Wilson
Pudd'nHead Wilson continued...

The students got really creative with utilizing space and objects in the classroom, hallways, and even outside. On the above right, we see my MT talking with two students about their issues with keeping their hoods on while the student taking the picture captions a quote in the text where to not betray those who are helping you.

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