Our Beagles AKA The BeaGles That Own Us

Many Years Ago.........


Our old soul Beagle Bodie put up with our long work days and, when we retired in 2006, joined us for a life of RV travel. After several years on the road with us, including a fine summer in Alaska, he went wherever our dear departed furry friends go in early 2010.

Juanita was determined to travel free of canine responsibilities until............


Our little GEM's Abbey Road Here Comes The Sun (Abbey) arrived in January of 2011. Abbey was just a little eight week old "bundle of joy" when she joined our mobile household. And then the fun began..........

Abbey 's puppy days

A whirling dervish of puppy mayhem followed. Little Abbey was a bundle of nuclear destruction eating carpet, stripping veneer from doors and cabinets and leaving a trail of debris everywhere she went. Her residence with us was not a sure thing at this point.

An adult Abbey

Beagle cuteness was Abbey's primary survival tool and she got through her early years to earn a place in our home and in our hearts.

It must be noted, however, that payback is a real bitch and we paid Abbey back big time with...........

GEM's Caught In The Moonlight (Luna)

Luna needed a home and joined her half sister Abbey in our rolling home during the summer of 2013. Beagle number 1 was not a happy camper!

Everything had to be shared

Abbey and Luna have finally become inseparable buddies. They are an overwhelming presence in our lives, providing a high level of comedy and activity when they are not quietly snoring away in their beds (or ours), our chairs or someplace underfoot.

Abbey, Luna, Callie, and Maddie

And they just love their arizona buddies!

A Beagle scrum
Buddies at last!!
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Gordon Pierce

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