ALP project credits: jie xun, eve, zheng lin and germaine

technology is a collection techniques, skills, methods, and processes use in production of goods and services. Technology helped develop more advance economies, it also improve over the years. Technology are now in phones, computers and even watches. It entertains us, let us keep in touch with one another, and also works for us

Laptop is a portable computer that can be used anywhere. Laptops are smaller and easier to carry than computers. It also allows us to access the network. So we can do our work even if we are outside
I Robot cleans the floor when there is no one around and also on the behalf of us. It also allow us to focus more on other things other than cleaning the floor. People who are lazy to sweep the floor will also find it useful as they just have to press buttons and their floor would be clean in less than an hour
Printer helps us to print instead of us writing down, it also helps us to conserves our energy to do more things. Writing also takes up a lot of time and the printer will help us to save more time. For example, copying 3 pages of words from computer to paper might take us more than 30 minutes depending on our speed, a printer, on the other hand, would copy 3 pages in less than 2 minutes
Computers entertain us with online games and videos, it also allow us to look for informations online to gain our knowledge and complete our projects. There are also websites like asknlearn and ace learning that helps us to learn better
Smart phones allows us to call each other and keep in touch with people in different countries. We can also download games to play whenever we are free. We can also use it to take pictures. A smart phone is like a combination of computer and camera
smart watch is a smaller version of phone that is more convenient. Although smart watch do not have as much functions as a smart phone but it has all the necessary applications in it
samsung gear vr allows us to enter the world of games, which is able to make us feel that its actually happening to us. It makes our videos and games more enjoyable
Television entertains us with programmes. There are also many educational programmes that allows children to learn better. There are also advertisements that encourage us to save the environment. Programmes like News actually help us to be involve with things that are happening around the world

In conclusion, technology is an entertainment and also convenient for us. we can use when we are bored. we can also get more information via internet, google chrome and microsoft edge. Technologies like I Robot works for us and lighten our daily working load


jie xun eve zheng lin germaine

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