Sacred Muse November 29, 2017 - from "The Seed Within" by Yeshua Lucis

Following Zen Awakening...

During my stay with Peter Fae upon the grounds of the festival, we go with Domo to pick up Peter’s harp in the truck of the silver ram. Along the way we stop at a grocery store to pick up supplies for the journey, there we are recognized by the clerks as holy men on the path, by way of my peace and our shared light.

Joined together in a holy spirit, Diedre invites us to join her to share the good word at a church gathering that night. Appreciative of the recognition of our selves as holy men on the path, we continue onwards to gather the harp.

Tones of Angelics sweep gracefully through the form of Muse, Peter's harp. Graciously reunited, his magickal companion through the realms of Faerie and beyond. I feel an echoe of times to come, that of revelry and music. I go to the land, breathing through a tension in my voice, soon again we renter the highways of a uniform city.

Sudden intuition comes to look up a vegan restaurant while we are about the realms, and a place called the Sanctum comes up. Feeling the resonance of its tone of vibrancy and the green we make our way there. As we do, I breathe, and things clear...

Around a corner and uniform city dissapears behind us as we are found in a lush green zone of pristine purity. We stop to recharge our powers and connect to the deva of the land before going to the Sanctum.

Feeling replenished on the path, arriving in synchronicity, we continue to the Sanctum.

The food is an answer to our prayers. Having done clearings around abundance in spiritual practice that morning, using manifestor consciousness of the Life Visioning techniques, I aligned with the vibration of more vibrant food. Since we have been the capacity of missionaries on the land, helping to clean up after the events of Zen Awakening, we have only had access to whatever has been available, which was not always nourishing. Arriving here by intuition and synchronicity, in the graciousness of Domo’s driving, is proof that we live in a friendly supportive universe.

We make our way to the church, feeling the support of the universe in our divine mission to help humanity awaken. We arrive and recieve the sermon of Diedra to the people. Peter and I accept invitation to sing together, falling gracefully into our shared Angelic tone.

The Quest Continues...

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Joshua Faust

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