What is Hosseini saying about the role of the family as a theme throughout the novel? Andrea Lopez 3rd

Families aren't always perfect, but they should be able to rely on each other's back. In the Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini, we read some examples about the importance of family through the characters of Baba, Amir, Ali andHassan. Hosseini is trying to communicate throughout the novel that the role of family is to love uncondiotionally, to protect and sacrifice things for each other's safety.
A family member should know your flaws, but after all accept and love you the way you are. Baba loves Hassan and tries to show it by paying for a surgery to fix his lip, but Amir gets jealous and thinks "Hassan hadn't done anything to earn Baba's affection." but what Amir doesn't know is that Hassan is also Baba's son and Baba loved Hassan just as much as Amir even if he was considered a Hazara. Years later, Baba is proud that Amir graduated from high school and gives him a kiss "he walked to me, curled his arm around my neck, and gave my brow a single kiss." Even though Amir grew up feeling like his dad didn't love him and Baba always thought Amir should stand up for himself, either way Baba loved Amir unconditionally, even if Amir wasn't exactly what Baba wanted him to be. Hassan and Amir, each were different in their own way,but Baba loved them both.
Sometimes you have to sacrifice something in order for your family to be better. Baba had gotten in an argument and Amir tried to control it and after offered him to go back to Peshawar since things were more like home but Baba refused "Peshawar was good for me. Not good for you." Baba doesn't want to go back, even if over there he was more happy,he changes that for a job at the gas station just for Amir to have a better future. Long time after,Amir is the one who sacrifices his safety to go rescue Sohrab from Kabul."I told him I was going to Kabul." but what truly convinced Amir to go was that Rahim Khan had told him that Hassan was his half brother, Amir felt a responsibility that made him take the risk. Overall your family's safety and wellness should be essential even if it requires some sacrifices.
Family should always come first and if you love them protect them. For example, Rahim Khan tells Amir the truth about Hassan being his half brother and explains why they kept it a secret "..and if people talked .. We couldn't tell anyone, surely you can see that." The reason why Baba never told anyone was mainly to protect his family from the society,especially Hassan and Amir they would be treated unfairly for something they didn't have control over. Another example is when Hassan protects Amir from Assef and his friends "But perhaps you didn't notice that I'm the one holding the slingshot." Hassan didn't think about the consequences, he just knew he had to protect Amir who he saw as his brother.
Family are the ones you can feel safe with, where you feel loved and accepted, they might not be perfect and might not always say that they love you, but they show their love by their actions, and actions speak louder than words.

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