Detective Jones By: Regina Flores

Blood was everywhere. Splattered on the concrete wall, on the dirty ground, on the trash can that was placed in the alley. The gunshot to her head killed her instantly, no one could have saved her from her fate. She did not see that coming.

Camila Jones, 24, professional homicide detective affiliated with the FBI, was in charge of the Jane Doe case. There was no identification found on the victim’s body, what she did find were the murderer’s fingerprints. If this was a planned out murder, he did not know how to cover his tracks.

She sent the body to Forensics to have it fully examined. They ran several DNA tests and finally got the victim's name, Leah Wilson. She also had the forensics team examine the bullet to see what gun it came from. After the fingerprints were examined as well, they got identification of the murderer, his name was Michael Murphy.

Camila got information on the relationship Michael and Leah had, she looked through all of his gun purchases and saw he owned the gun that shot the bullet to Leah’s head, she also looked for all his recent credit card activity and found that he bought an airplane ticket headed for New York.

Camila had to move quickly, she would not let him get away she had to finish the investigation and had to give the family closure, that’s her number one goal as a detective. Once she picks up a puzzle it is very difficult for her to put it down.

She made her way through the people she didn’t really draw attention to herself because she looks like any causal person that would board a plane. She has long wavy brown hair, she has really pretty light brown eyes that are covered by her small squared glasses, she is just 5’0 feet tall, and dresses in casual attire like a normal person would dress, she doesn’t carry any type of special equipment only small things that she can hide beneath her clothes so no one can them.

She approached him just before the passengers started to board the plane to New York and at that moment she was very nervous so she almost dropped her FBI badge when she took it out

Michael tried running,but he was surrounded. Camila and her team took Michael into a private interrogation room, they asked him so many questions and they told them they had proof that it was him who murdered Leah but he just kept denying it.

They gave him time to take it in until he finally admitted to the crime. Michael explained how it was all an accident, he didn’t buy the gun to kill her it was meant for another activity. Leah was his girlfriend and they had an argument and he accidentally fired the gun out of anger. His first instinct was to run away he did not know what else to do.

Michael was sentenced to 15 years in jail for involuntary homicide.

Camila wanted to be the one to inform Leah’s family about her death. Camila cares a lot about her own family they mean so much to her and she couldn’t even imagine what Leah’s family would feel when they got the news.The family was really devastated, 15 years in jail would not suffice. There was nothing else Camila could do, she did not feel satisfied with the job she had done. Unfortunately, the decision was made and that was that.


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