End of Korean War By: Townsend palecek

End of Korean War

The Korean War ended in July 27, 1953. At the end of the war Mac Arthurs forces headed to the north and captured the North Korean capital. Once they reached the Yalu River between China and North Korea, the U.S. soldiers wanted to end the war.

Troops head to the North

Thousands of Chinese troops joined the Korean War, and launched the counterattack driving the UN forces below the 38th parallel. Mac Arthur called air and ground on China but Truman refused to. In 1951 neither the US or Korea would achieve victory, and it would be a standstill war unless someone started throwing atom bombs.

Headed back to the South

The Korean war was over when the United States was concerned. More than three million North and South Koreans totaled more than 1.5 million deaths.Thousands of soliders continue to face each other across no- hands land. After the war was over many people didn't understand why the United States didn't expand the war into China and used nuclear arsenal.

How the Truce Treaty ended

After three years the United States, China North Korea, and South Korea came to an end of the war. The Korean War began on June 25, 1950 when North Korea invaded South Korea. In December of 1951 began assaulting against America and South Korea. A new border was put in between North and South Korea to give South Korea additional zone between the two nations. It was frustrating the Americans to have to surrender on their enemy. Many people couldn't understand why America didn't expand into China.

Why was the Korean War called the forgotten war?

The Korean War was called the forgotten war because it was never a " declared war" and it ended in an unsatisfactory stalemate.


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