The truth Madison lawson Go watch this video, they talk about how "FRESH" their hamburgers are, but they fail to explain how a burger such as the "Daves triple cheeseburger" has 1060 calories, 30.0 grams of saturated fat, and 2020mg of sodium.

You'd expect one of the big deserts to be one of the unhealthiest right? Nope, you're wrong. The Daves Triple Cheeseburger has over 30.0 grams of saturated fat. You didn't know that before you ordered it. They did a good job of advertising it but failed to mention how bad this product is for your body.

You'd expect chocolate milk to be the healthiest drink that they have. Little did we know Wendy's Trumoo Lowfat Chocolate Milk has 170mg of sodium. That is almost 3x more sodium than any other drink on the menu.

Out of all of the drinks that you can get at a fast food restaurant, you'd expect soda to be the unhealthiest and have the most calories. That's not the case. The strawberry lemonade has the most calories. STAWBERRY LEMONADE. That "refreshing" drink that they always advertise has about 200 calories for one regular size of it. Some meals don't even have that many calories, let along a drink. Don't be fooled.


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