A Birder’s Heaven: Just Follow the Stench to the Landfill JOANNA KLEIN

Summary of Article: Thousands of birds, especially in the winter flock to the Brevard landfill. Some landfills use the birds as attractions and allow people to come in and see the birds. There are birds that are originally from the United States and others that have migrated here, researchers are trying to find out where all the birds have some come from. Birds usually come to the landfill the day before garbage day so they can forge through the new stuff trucks bring. The best places to find birds are in places humans do not go, like landfills.

To see birds at a landfill watch this!!

Analysis of Article: This article shows us that there are amazing things in places few people actually venture to. You can see all types of things in places that you would not think you would, like landfills. This is important because it shows us that we need to protect our wildlife while also venturing out and seeing things that you normally wouldn't.

Big Takeaways: I chose this article because at first it looked interesting, and then after reading it I thought that it was really cool that animals could live in a place that you would never think. Birds are such interesting animals, because of the places they live and the things they do. I want to learn more about why the birds go to landfills and how it affects the disposal of garbage.

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