1960's Protest Music Say it loud: I'm black & I'm proud- James brown

Recorded in 1968

Other songs- Living in America, I Got You, The Payback


Look a'here, some people say we got a lot of malice

Some say it's a lotta nerve

I say we won't quit moving

Til we get what we deserve

We've been buked and we've been scourned

We've been treated bad, talked about

As just as sure as you're born

But just as sure as it take

Two eyes to make a pair, huh

Brother, we can't quit until we get our share

Say it loud,

I'm black and I'm proud

Say it loud,

I'm black and I'm proud, one more time

Say it loud,

I'm black and I'm proud, huh

The lyrics of this song

The lyrics of the song are trying to speak out and say that African Americans want their freedom just like everyone else has. In the first verse the lyrics are saying that blacks African Americans have been mistreated and that they will not stop protesting until they get the same rights as everyone else. In the second verse James Brown is trying to tell everyone that he is proud to be black and that people should not be ashamed for what they are and that everyone should be treated equally.

This song represents the time period because in the 1960's there was so much civil rights movements especially with Martin Luther King Jr. and this song just says basically what everyone was protesting for in the United States.

Civil Rights movements were going on when this song was popular. Also it was released the same year MLK was assassinated.

The inspiration of this song was to motivate people to push for their rights. He wanted people to feel that they were equal to everyone else and he wanted them to try to be treated equal.


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