The Village of Pulaski Local Government

My local municipality meets at...

585 E Glenbrook Dr, Pulaski, WI 54162
Map of The Village of Pulaski

5 Presented Issues to The Village of Pulaski

The reccomendation that Pulaski donates $26,500 in order to rebuild diamond B at Memorial Park.

The Village Board of Pulaski is recommended to donate $26,500 in order to rebuild diamond B at Memorial Park. The money will come from the excess amount of Lambeau tax money the village can use. I agree with this issue and the way the Village Board is planning to go about paying for the expenses. I also think that using the money the tax payers have already payed, is a smart decision. This way, they will be able to obtain enough money to complete the job, without raising the tax rates. I have been playing at Memorial Park since tee-ball, and agree that the diamonds, in general, need work. This would also benefit Pulaski when they hold tournaments and give the village a fresh and new look. Overall, this recommendation is a very good idea for Pulaski as a whole.

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