Good Life Nature Activity at FLMNH by David Heym


The Florida Museum of Natural History is quite an impressive museum for its size and location. It accomplishes its task of being a natural history museum because it can immerse the visitor in nature and history of the world. There are exhibits including butterflies, frogs, fossils, aquatic life, and plants. Going to the museum made me think about what nature really is and where I actually stand in the world and its history.

Nature on Display

I can be seen taking the photo in the reflection of the first image to prove I was there.

This exhibit that can be seen in the images displayed fossils of creatures from the past. What really caught my eyes was the massive fossil of a jaw from a ferocious underwater predator. This fossil apparently came from a megalodon, which is giant shark that is now extinct. From this exhibit I learned that in the natural world there are things that are almost unthinkable and incomprehensible, but they are out there, and they are waiting to be seen and discovered. My experience at the museum was enjoyable because I was able to see exhibits that really caught my attention and opened my eyes to the natural world.

Nature and Ethics

Pictures from the Butterfly Garden

The butterfly garden helped me experience nature in the way Leopold recommends. I felt amazed about the beauty of living creatures that are living all around us. These are just butterflies too. There is so much more to nature that can be appreciated, and the butterfly garden definitely aims to help those thoughts. As I toured the museum, many people reacted the same way as I did. There are a great amount of unique and amazing models and images to see and immerse yourself in. The museum allowed visitors to connect with nature by allowing them to walk through nature itself. My experience in the museum instilled in me an ethical responsibility to nature as Leopold imagines.

Nature and Human Spirit

Underwater Exhibit

The natural history museum helps us step out of our ordinary lives by allowing us to see nature for what it is really worth. It emphasizes the importance of nature, and drives points to make visitors more aware of the world around us. It helps us better understand who we are by showing where we stand in the world. We are not the only living beings. There is much more life to the world than humans. It helps us appreciate the mystery and majesty of the world by walking through the world in the way we ought to see it, not the way we always see it. With the knowledge that the natural history museum provides, we can truly understand the world even more.


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