Stuck in a Snowglobe By Aidan

Today was a interesting day... Austin Saunders, Austin Copus, Paul Johnston,Kaden Peterson, Jack Jordan and I are playing a game of 3.v.3 hockey on a lake. I almost fall in on a weak spot. But I catch myself and keep playing.

Then as I start skating away I yell “Hey I’ll be right back guys I’m going to go to get my phone from my car!"

They all yell back “OK”.

When I get to the car I get my phone and call Paul saying I’ll be right there and that they can get ready to play. But a few steps before I get to the rink I hear the ice cracking and I fall through the ice! The team is searching for me but can not find me at all I can hear them yelling but I can't see anything at all. Then after what it feels like hours suddenly I'm super tired and I must pass out… I wake up to the smell of my moms hot chocolate but it looks almost just like the place I was just at but my mom wasnt even with us that day. Especially making hot cocoa. So I have a feeling that something isn’t right. As I look to my left I see big fingers. I think to myself “why are those fingers so big?” Then I hear a very loud voice say “Hey Guys!!” Then other super loud voices say “What Paul?” Paul says “I found a snowglobe!!” And I am lifted really high and am shook. I don't realize what is going on till i'm tossed over to Austin (I can't tell which one) and put into a backpack with skates and gloves. I realize that they must be leaving and so I try to get comfortable in the snow by laying down on a really fluffy snow bank. I can hear someone either talking or singing and all of a sudden a song that I love comes on and I sing and laugh because of how bad I sound right now. I eventually get tired and after what seems like forever I finally fall asleep.

After an amazing nap I wake up on Austin Saunders dresser and then I notice that everyone must be hanging out because I hear yelling then I realize that they are most likely playing Nazi Pong (it’s a game where you have a table tennis table and you have two paddles and set them up at the edge of the table tennis table and two people play with two balls and you throw the ball at the paddle and if you hit the handle of the paddle you get two balls to hit at the other guys back with no shirt on if you hit the paddle you only get one.) After a lot of very loud screams they stop and I hear Austin S. yelling to the others

“I’ll be right back!”

And he walks into the room and picks up the snow globe. All I can do is try to stay in one spot while Austin is running downstairs (of course he has to be pumping his arms) so I am flying around everywhere in that stupid snow globe. When he finally gets back downstairs I see Jack sitting in the hockey net with full goalie gear on and Paul is walking up to him with a puck on his stick and shoots and snipes Jack top shelf. After that I realize that they are in a shootout and that Paul just won it.

Austin C. says

“Do you guys have any idea of what to do?”

Jack says

“Yeah I do, we should just hang out and maybe play some board games.”

Austin S. says

“ I’ll be right back I’m going to call someone.”

So Austin grabs his phone and calls someone and then walks away. My phone then starts ringing so I pick it up and answer saying

“Hey who is this?”

He then responds with

“ It’s Austin, where are you?”

Then I say

“Oh ok, you know the snowglobe you brought back to your house?”

It is then dead silent and he finally responds

“we couldn’t find you… how would you had possibly known that I brought home a snow globe?”

So I say

“well I'll just make a long story short… I am inside of that snow globe”

And then all I can hear is a long sigh from Austin. He asks

“Ok then how do I get you out of the snow globe?”

I said

“Well I’ve got no clue how to get myself out of this.”

So I am set down and Austin walks away shaking his large head.

I don't know what to do or say so I just sit there watching everyone playing pool and having a great time until I realize that I can do something to get myself out of this mess. So I call Austin and tell him my idea. The conversation went like this… “I have an idea!” Austin says “What is it?” I say “Not now but do you have a hammer?” Austin replied “Yea why?” I say “You'll figure it out eventually just get a freaking hammer!” Austin seems stunned but he doesn't say anything and walks towards the kitchen to get a hammer. When he got back I tell him “ok now smash it!” With no hesitation he smashes the snow globe and pieces of it go flying all over the place. I didn't even know what happened because I must've gotten knocked out or something but when I finally come to every one is looking at me and they seem confused so I ask “What's wrong?” And Paul says “Well I don't really know…” I interrupt him with “ok just tell me!” Jack then tells me that “Well your still small.” And I'm so confused that I then pass out.

Awhile after I pass out I wake up and I'm laying down on a makeshift bed that everyone must have made. It's actually pretty comfortable then I realize that it's dark out and I'm actually on Austin's side table and he's sleeping. He suddenly wakes up and must have heard me scurrying around on the side table and says “hey how was your ‘nap’?” I then laugh and say “Ha ha good one… but it was actually pretty nice.” “What time is it?” Austin says “one sec” and he walks away a couple of minutes later he comes back in the room and says “It's almost 4:30 in the morning.” I'm really not surprised that it's pretty early in the morning so I ask “Hey what time is everyone going to be back over here by?” He looks on his phone and says “around 12 AM” so I think for a couple of minutes and then ask him “do you think we can solve this ‘issue’ by about 11:45?” He doesn't say anything and walks towards the kitchen and about 5 minutes later he walks back into the room with a notebook and a pen. I start telling him my ideas and he writes them down on the notebook and when I'm out of ideas we go over them. Some of them are to wait it out till later that day until the time I fell in or to try to ask the others for ideas and if all fails we just have to give up and I live my life as a 2 inch tall person with ‘tall’ friends. So we text the other guys that we are meeting back at Austin’s in 30 so we wait and play monopoly which is more fun than ever because I just run across the board as my own piece.

That took up about 25 minutes so we just wait in his living room watching T.V. When Austin C. shows up we start talking and asking him for ideas he says “I really think that we might as well just wait till the time you fell in but we could go back there and wait over there.” I consider the idea and then say “yea that sounds like a better idea than what I had.” So when everyone else shows up we drive over to the lake where I fell in. When we show up I start walking towards where I fell in. All of a sudden when I get near where the hole is I start growing by just about 3 inches in a couple of seconds. So I start walking away and I slowly stop growing I realize that I'm already at least 4ft 11in! So I yell over to the guys “We figured it out!” They all run as fast as they can over to me and I walk away and over by the hole that was made when I fell in and I grow and eventually even though it took about 5 minutes I'm finally 6’2 again! So we drive back to Austin's and have a big party with pizza.

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