Revolutions: India Leader: Mohandas Gandhi

Why did India want Independence from Britain?

The people of India wanted independence for a wide variety of reasons. Britain exported the raw materials out of India to use in various factories back in Britain. These manufactured goods would then be sold back to India for a profit. The Indian people were working very hard and seeing only a fraction of the profits they should be making. Britain was also very full of itself, it considered it's customs and ways of living the standard civilized ways and tried to change anyone that believed otherwise. They considered Indians inferior and treated them as such. It was for these reasons that Indians had a desire to be independent of Britain.

How did Gandhi lead India to Independence?

Gandhi used several different tactics. He used passive resistance, peaceful non-cooperation and boycotts. The common thread between all of these was non-violence, Gandhi believed in gaining independence without the use of violence. He boycotted British manufactured goods and inspired the homespun movement to get people to make their own cloths at home. This hurt Britain's economy and made India less valuable to them. When other Indians started to riot, he would fast until they stopped. He condoned violence and did everything in his power to avoid it and prevent others from using it.

What Resulted from India's Independence?

When India gained independence from Britain, there was a large compromise that had to be made. That compromise was the creation of Pakistan, a country made specifically for the Muslims in India. This upset Gandhi, as he advocated for equality for all people and religions, and the creation of Pakistan separated the religions in India. From this split, many conflicts originated between India and Pakistan.

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world." -Mohandas K. Gandhi


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