Father Michael Bremer Honoring #HeroPriests

Father Michael Bremer (Archdiocese of Atlanta '18), Saint Brigid Catholic Church, Johns Creek, GA

Watch this video with Father Michael Bremer to hear about how he partnered with a couple Mundelein seminarians to bring some much-needed humor to his parishioners through a podcast and video series during the pandemic.

Submitted by: John Price

Father Michael Bremer hosted a Facebook Live twice a week with guests such as Deacon Robbie Cotta, seminarian Jacob Butz, and Father Paul Porter. The presentation consisted of updates about what is going on at the parish, gospel reflections, "Robbie's Rants" or "Cotta's Concerns," and pretty much just whatever they felt like talking about.

Father Michael does a very good job of relating with young people, especially in his homilies. Father Michael also recently gave me a penance to read some scripture. The scripture really spoke to me and showed me that even when you sin, Jesus will forgive you, lift you up and help guide you in your journey of faith.

He serves his parish by relating to people (especially young people), making people laugh, and helping people better understand the message that Jesus is trying to tell us by applying it to our everyday life. I know I am not the only person who feels this way. Everybody speaks very highly of Father Michael.