Birth Control Methods

1. Pulling Out/Withdrawal Method. This method is basically pulling out or withdraw from the vagina when the guy is about to ejaculate. This method is 73-96% effective

Advantages: No cost

Disadvantages: Hard to Perform Correctly, Higher Failure Rate, No Protection Against STDs, Could not work because of pre-edaculate

Pull out/Withdrawal Method

2. Condoms are a latex rubbery barrier which is used on the penis to prevent from pregency. The condom is used by getting the ring out the packet and pinching the tip of it and rolling it over the penis. You also have to check the expiry date and check if the packet is not ripped so its effective. The effective rate for condoms is 98 percent and you can buy 25-50 condom for 10-15 bucks from some good stores. Never buy any condoms from gas stations or other small stores.

Advantages: Best method to reduce the risk of STI's and STD's

Disadvantages: Some people are allergic to latex, Some individuals argue that condoms reduce sensitivity and pleasure during intercourse, Some people dislike interrupting sex to put it on, Condoms may break if they are put on incorrectly.


3. Spermicides is a spray, gel or cream which is applied or sprayed in the vagina so it can kill the sperm when the guy ejaculates in the vagina. This method is 70 percent effective and one spray will cost around 15-30 bucks.

Advantages:No hormones, and nothing needs to be taken daily, Spermicide can act as a lubricant.

Disadvantages: If used frequently (for example - three times a day), spermicides may cause irritation of the vagina or penis. This could increase the risk of sexually transmitted infections, Must be used with a condom , cervical cap , diaphragm or birth control pills for best effectiveness against pregnancy, Can be messy, must be re-applied during each act of intercourse (5-15 minutes beforehand), May interrupt intercourse.


4. An intrauterine device (IUD or coil) is a small, often T-shaped birth control device that is inserted into a woman's uterus to prevent pregnancy. IUDs are one form of long-acting reversible birth control. This device is inserted into the vagina by a healthcare specialist and it will last for 10-12 years. The effectiveness rate of IUD's are more then 99 percent and the the price to get one is 150-250 dollars.

Advantages: It is highly effective, with a 98-99 percent success rate over five years of IUD use, It can be used by almost any woman including nulliparous, Its action lasts for ten years if it is not removed in between, The onset of action is immediate, It is independent of sexual activity, It doesn’t interfere with intercourse, It is suitable for lactating women, Fertility returns promptly on discontinuation, It can be used by women who are on any type of medication, It is not associated with cancer of any organ unlike hormonal contraception, It does not cause weight gain, It does not usually affect mood or sex drive

Disadvantages: No protection against STI's or STD's,


5. Plan B is a pill which is used within 72 hours after sex if the guy ejaculates in the vagina without protection. This method is 89 percent effective if used after 24 hours and before 24 hours it is 95 percent affective and the price of 1 tablet is around 30 dollars.

Advantages: Can be used after sex if no protection was used

Disadvantages: STI's and STD's can happen if there was no protection when having sex, Plan be might not work.

Plan B

6. Hormonal contraception is a pill that is taken everyday for 3 weeks so that the ovaries don't release an egg after ejaculating in the vagina. this method is 98-99 percent affective and it costs around 15 dollars for a pack.

Advantages: Can have sex without any protection to get the most pleasure

Disadvantage: Risk of getting STD's and STI's, Can have side effects such as cancer or blood clots.

Hormonal contraception

7. Vasectomy is a really high effective birth control method which is basically getting a little medication and little bit of blood will come out by cutting the tubes from the testes for the sperm to go so the girl wont get pregnent. This method is 99 percent effective and it costs 0-1000 depending on the place you get it from.

Advantages: No need to worry about the girl getting pregnant, Have sex with pleasure. Good for people who dont want anymore babies, Can be reverted back to normal

Disadvantages: No protection against sexual diaseses, You have to use a condom for the first few intercourse's because there might be semen left inside which hasn't come out.

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