go kart project marco lara

problem statement: our goal is to build a go kart that moves by using a drill to power the kart. we do get a $25 budget though to order any extra material that we might need. the material provided to us include a 18v drill, 1 sheet of 3/4 plywood, miscellaneous hardware, and wood glue. material that we must provide for ourselves include wheels which is required, chains which is optional, and gears which is also optional. the go kart will be tested on three different courses (drag strip, road course, and on endurance/efficiently)

we thought that this picture really gave us an idea of what we wanted our kart to look like. we really like how the wheels look in this picture to be specific
this picture helped us think of a way for the power drill to move the wheels and it also helped us out think of a way to place the drill somewhere where it powers the wheels to move but that can be removed since the drill will be getting used by other classes.
this is how we planned our go kart from a top view but a problem came across was we believe that instead of having only one wheel on the back, that we would change it to the front because otherwise it might not be balanced.
this what the side of our kart will look like or what we plan on making it look like anyway. we plan on making it long enough so that we can all fit. the stearing will be controlled by hand and have a gas peddle on the right side of the kart.
this is the OnShape of our base
these are the measurements to our go kart
this is our onshape assembly on how we plan our go kart to look like. we still aren't 100% sure if that is how we are going to leave the front wheels but thats how we decided for now.
this is the re-try at our base because the first time it was too small
we decided to put a 2 by 4 in the middle so that we our base doesn't bend and this is us gluing that piece in the middle.
this is our back wheel which we had to change the way it was placed because at first the wheel lifted the go-kart too much ( it was slanted ).
this shows a small glimpse of how our steering is done. you can also see our break and throttle on the front of the kart.
this shows our chain on the back wheel where we are planning on putting the drill in order for the kart to move.
from this photo you can see how we attached to bottom front wheels to the kart and shows when we placed the break and throttle. you can also see a small part of the steering system.

the video above is our go-karts steering system at work ( its a small clip of it )

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