Metrostar team guide Employee Handbook

Employee Handbook Checklist - including the essentials in the book and the other lengthy policy's in the appendix
Safety perceptions, advice we should implement - we should also send out the update in a corporate communication to notify our employees of where it lives, that it exist, and that its been updated, and to remind them its always a good idea to get a EHB refresher on our company policies
Narrowing down what policies we should add
Policy order - Index or Table of Contents
Icon index style & unique topics. We could add info on Food Friday, Monthly Happy Hours, Birthdays Celebrations, Office Supplies, Printer logistics, Employee Badges, etc. - Office Place Survival Basics
adding helpful essentials for new hires
Add a section that talks about taking lunch and small mental health breaks in our break room (i.e. ping-pong, video games, fifa, puzzles, etc.

Use of Company Equipment

Add "Lock your shit" details
Great language! Good intro - mimic writing style & add a what we do page in the easiest possible language
Add a slide that describes the industry we are in or the markets we work for or type of work we do.
Employee Handbook "Must Haves"
Add details like "communicating your time-off plans" to the Sensible PTO section - while not only raving about the perks of Sensible PTO, also make sure to communicate whats necessary to do before taking off, what tools to use, who to ask, etc. - answer the simple questions so their isn't any misinterpretation or confusion.
Good language, Graphics, vibrant colors
Tips on what type of language we should use in our EHB
Adding fun, and vibrant language similar to what we have on our t-shirts = transparent - Provide transparent language and rules - Get Sh*t Done
"A message from the CEO" or a "Statement of Quality & Service from our President" - "A Personal Note" - use as an informal idea
In this section we should keep the "policy" part to a minimum of a 4-5 bullet points max and also discuss how employees can help contribute to promoting our brand by encouraging them to share our posts on LinkedIn, Like and RT us on Twitter, like our FB page, etc. Also touch on who to contact is they want to share their thought leadership by writing blogs for us and give a percentage of how many authors on our blog are not on the Marketing Team and have contributed to ensure its a common thing.

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