First we will go to Washington DC and we will see the Museum of African American History. There we will see the history of famous African Americans like Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King JR. We will go there because we love African American history and we think it will be fun.
That same day we will go to Ford’s Theater.This is the place where John Wilkes Booth assassinated Abraham Lincoln.We will go here because Abraham Lincoln is a man who made history and we want to see the place where he got shot.He is also our favorite president.
The next day we will go to the Vietnam War Memorial. This is a memorial that honors the war veterans of the Vietnam War. We will go here because it is sad and an important part of American history. This wall shows of the names of everyone who died in the war.
The same day we will also go to the Martin Luther King JR. Memorial. We will go here because he was an important person in African American history. He helped the African Americans gain important rights.
The next morning we will leave early for Philadelphia. We will go to The Liberty Bell. We will go to The Liberty Bell because it was the bell that rang in Liberty Hall on July 8, 1776 to gather the citizens for John Nixon to read the first public reading of the Declaration of Independence. Because of the large crack in the bell they do not use the bell anymore.
Next we will go to Christ Church. Christ Church is where the first ever African American priest preached. Also Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, and Betsy Ross attended services there.
Our final destination in Philadelphia is Liberty Hall. This is where the famous Liberty Bell rang in one of its towers. The Declaration of Independence was read there for the first time publicly.
Our final city we will go to is Boston. The first day we will go to the Granary Burying Grounds. This is where the victims of the Boston Massacre were buried. Also Benjamin Franklin's parents, and Samuel Adams were buried there.
In Boston we will go to the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum. The Boston Tea Party took place on ships like the ones displayed and the museum is all about this historical event when the Sons of Liberty dressed up as Mohawk Indians and dumped tea into the harbor to show their patriotism. They were protesting The Tea Act.
Next we will go to the Boston Freedom Walking Tour. We will go to this site because it was preserved by the citizens in 1951. On this trail we will see an old ship from long ago and we will also see the story of the Revolutionary War. We will also go to the museums, old churches, burying grounds, parks, and historic markers.
Our trip will be very fun. We will see lots of historic landmarks and sights. We hope you visit these wonderful places too.

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