Film and Video Editor

Pain Point

Many videos either play at very low quality or the videos that do play at higher qualities put a lot of pressure on the devices that play them.

Automatic Motion Tracker can...

  • Combine elements filmed separately, such as adding video to the side of a moving city bus or a star to the end of a sweeping wand.
  • Animate a still image to match the motion of action footage, such as making a cartoon bumblebee sit on a swaying flower.
  • Animate effects to follow a moving element, such as making a moving ball glow.
  • Link the position of a tracked object to other properties, such as making stereo audio pan from left to right as a car races across the screen.
  • Stabilize footage to hold a moving object stationary in the frame to examine how a moving object changes over time, which can be useful in scientific imaging work.

Multi-Cam Editing

Multi-Cam Editing is an Editing software that allows you to take footage from several cameras and put them into one, steady, shot. Skill users can use this to switch between camera angles almost seamlessly.

123D Design

123D Design is a 3D editing software for Professional editors that allows you to create and animate a 3D image to implement into a video. It can be used on any system including smartphones. It's most outstanding feature is it's ability to create a Master Design without needing to save several copies or keep track of several file versions.


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