Department of Homeland Security Quentin Green

The department of Homeland Security is a very important department. Formed on November 25, 2002, the department of Homeland Security's purpose is to act as an effort within the country to prevent as many terrorist attacks as possible and limit the damage and the recovery needed if they do happen. The secretary leads the third largest department in the government and the reason for all the jobs in it. By taking care of terrorist attacks, foreign affairs and security, this department keeps the president's focus on enforcing laws.

Depending on the position you take in Homeland Security determines what qualifications you need.If you are in cyber security you must have various computer skills, hacking ability and knowledge, and being able to protect infrastructure. This job also requires you to work long hours. Other jobs such as border agents may patrol outdoors in any weather their whole shift. Emergency response people have to be able to act quickly and be able to stay calm. Your education also depends on the position you would want be in. For example, foreign affairs requires a bachelor’s or master’s degree. The pay range is different for specific positions as well. People in supervisory transportation security make around $126,657 and $172,550 a year.

There are a few steps in applying for a job at the department. First you must find the right job for. Choose a job you're more comfortable and qualified for so you have a better chance in getting in. Next you need to read the job opportunity announcement. The announcement tells you the qualifications, salary, and other things you need to know about the job. Then you must apply for the job. Make sure to answer all questions appropriately to show your eligibility for the job. Lastly, you have an interview for the job. Depending on how qualified you are depends on who interviews you. If you are one of the most qualified candidates, then you get interviewed by the supervisor or hiring official in person, on telephone, or in rare cases hired because of application.

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