Global Warming Nathan Lyle Hour: 4

Is Global Warming Happening due to human actions?

Human actions are causing climate change in most areas in the world. National Geographic created an article Causes of Global Warming and says the rising earth temperature is twice as fast as it was 50 years ago. The information was gathered from topology. This exacerbation is caused by human actions like burning of fossil fuels. Climate change of the earth can cause environmental problems. In Sean Cockerham’s article Scientists see a link between Global Warming, California Drought it explains how droughts and other environmental problems like rising sea levels can be happening due to humans burning fossil fuels.

Gasses emitted from factories are an underlying contribution to rising earth temperatures

Can global warming impact weather like rising sea levels or droughts?

Global warming does have an impact on weather all over the world. Redlands Daily Facts says global warming does affect sea levels, and that it could rise by 1 meter shortly in the future. This means global warming does have an impact on weather. Even though it affects sea levels, it isn’t the most important issue towards global warming. According to McClatchy Newspapers, 6 Scientists completed their study which shows global warming does affect California’s droughts. They say we need to worry more about water evaporating rather than rising sea levels.

Recently, has global warming affected ice in the polar regions?

NASA has been collecting grim data on global warming in the polar regions, and they have come to a conclusion. Ice in the Arctic during melting period now has 40% less ice compared to 40 years ago. This means ice has been melting over several decades as average global temperature increases. This piece of evidence from NASA can also relate to NOAA’s study of global warming in the past 120 years. They say the melting of ice in the Arctic correlates to the upward trend of global warming in the past several decades. All this evidence presented shows global temperature increasing is causing ice to melt.

Polar ice can melt due to global warming which can rise sea levels.

Are there any regulations to slow down Global Warming?

There are some intergovernmental regulations to stop global warming, but not all countries regulate it. National Geographic’s article Causes of Global Warming says the United States government bans ozone damaging gases like chlorofluorocarbons which have about 1,000 times heat trapping capabilities than carbon dioxide. The bans of these gasses are a step in the right direction for helping the earth, but some countries still won’t regulate these gases. Countries came to a consensus to regulate emitted gasses because of the undeniable proof of rising average global temperature. Proof of greenhouse gasses hurting the earth can be shown in many scientific studies. For example in NASA’s unprecedented article about connections between burning of fossil fuels and global warming: the first 6 months of 2016 have been the hottest for those months in recorded history. For reasons like this, there has been national regulations to help slow down the effects of some emitted gasses.

Where is the proof towards Global Warming?

Many studies have been initiated to prove global warming to be true. For example in NOAA’s study Science publishes new NOAA analysis: Data show no recent slowdown in global warming: Before 1950 there was no significant trend in average global temperature, but then from 1950 - 2016 there is a significant upward trend in average global temperature. Claims like this can be seen in other studies. Another example is shown in NASA’s study 2016 climate trends continue to break records where the first six months of 2016 have been the hottest for those months on record.

There are correlations between global warming and droughts in california

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Underlying: For something to be the main cause of something else.

Topography: Natural and Artificial structures on top of land.

Intergovernmental: a relation between two or more governments

Chlorofluorocarbons: a compound that is a product of burning fossil fuels and is harmful to the environment.

Consensus: a general agreement between people

Grim: to describe something that isn’t good

Exacerbated: To make a problem worse

Unprecedented: Something that has never been done before


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