Ralston High School Field Experience Case study presentation

Overview of The Classroom

During my practicum experience, I was able to be apart of three different classes. One was senior World Literature course, the next was a sophomore homeroom, and the third was an advanced Rank freshman English class. It was in the latter class where I was more actively engaged in teaching and getting to know the students.

On my last day, my AR grade 9 English class threw me a surprise party and forced me to take this picture.

Physical Layout of The Class

  • Traditional row seating with 3 columns each with 2 rows of students
  • Table at the front which contains a tray for hand-ins and a tray for handouts
  • Front table that has projector, supplies, papers, and generally where Mrs. McGrath teaches from
  • Back of the room is comprised of 3 filled book cases, Mrs. McGrath's personal desk, and a cork-board filled with pictures.
Traditional Row Seating

Classroom Culture

  • Laid back and welcoming
  • Students openly and willingly share, discuss, and ask quesitons
  • Well established structure with high expectations

Description of Teacher

  • 30 years at Ralston High School
  • Positive and encouraging
  • Creative and engaging
  • High expectations
  • Adaptable

Description of Students

  • Diverse
  • Loud
  • Friendly
  • Hardworking

Relationship Building

Even though when my practicum began it was only a few months into the school year, it was clear Mrs.McGrath had already developed strong relationships with her students. She did this by:

  • asking questions, asking them about their interests, noticing them
  • encouraging them, thinking highly of them
  • engaging with students on an equal level

Classroom Environment & Relationships

  • Classroom culture allows for open dialog, but has no tolerance of hate/disrepct
  • Models how to engage in appropriate discussion etiquette
  • Mix of groupings to foster different relationships among students

Assessing & Preparing for Learning Each Day

Each day Mrs. McGrath starts with vocabulary that is derived from the ACT list of prep words. This gets students active in class from the start. She also is constantly assessing her students and their progress to ensure the pace of course is matching where students are at. There are no days off and Mrs. McGrath's expectations are high, which guarantees that students are working each day.

Options for Socialization

  • Cooperative learning
  • "Conference tables"
  • Projects
  • Side conversations

Classroom Management

Although Mrs. McGrath's class was comprised of loud fourteen year olds, I rarely ever saw the classroom out of control. One of Mrs. McGrath's best classroom management procedures was her usage of preventative measures. Her measures included:

  • Clear rules and procedures that were continuously modeled
  • Mutual respect
  • "I can do hard things"
  • Very scary "mom" glare
  • No late work accepted
  • Commands the room

Culturally Responsive Teaching

  • "Safe space" stickers
  • Correct pronouns
  • Zero tolerance for disrepect
  • Inclusion of multiple cultures and perspectives in lessons

My practicum experience at Ralston High School has been my best practicum yet. I was able to work with diverse groups of students ranging in ages and also strengthen my abilities as a professional. Overall, 10 outta 10.


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