Host a Clothing Drive for Compass Family Services


STEP 1. Setting Up Your Clothing Drive

Communicate with Compass Family Services

Please contact the Volunteer Manager before your drive to see if we have the capacity to accept clothing and shoes.

Clothing must be in good condition. We cannot accept clothing that is ripped, stained or soiled. A good rule of thumb is, would you wear this yourself? If the answer is no (for reasons of condition, not fashion), find a textile recycling facility near you.

We cannot accept used bras, underwear or socks.

Find a location

Long Term Drives: If you are encouraging people to drop off over a long period of time, make sure your drop-off sites are located in secure locations, such as inside a school, business or office. That way, you can make sure that all the donated items will be safe until the final pick up date!

One-Day Drives: If you’re hosting a one-day drop-off event, pick an open and accessible area with lots of parking. Also keep in mind that holding the event in a busy location may attract shoppers who you can inspire to donate clothing and shoes! Perhaps choose a public shopping center with a clothing store (e.g. Target) where people can pick up items to donate to you on their way out!

Pick a time frame

Pick a time frame. Drives work best if held over a span of time. Try to schedule a week or a month during which you are encouraging people to drop off clothes at specified locations. Alternatively, you can also let people know that you are doing a one-day event and encourage everyone to drop off their donations on that day.

Create your drop-off bins

Make sure you know how you’re going to collect your clothing donations! You can set up and decorate bins or boxes where donations can be dropped off. Be creative, using bright colors will attract attention & donations.

If you’re doing a one day event, make sure you have enough boxes, bags, bins, tables, and signs so people will know you’re hosting a drive!

Let people know about Compass Family Services

At your event, don’t forget to provide copies of Compass-at-a-glance fact sheets so others can learn more about Compass and how they, too, can get involved! See below for links to documents & sample flyers.

STEP 2. Invite People to your Event

Send invitations by email, text, or old-fashioned paper!

Communication is key! Let everyone know about your clothing drive! Don't forget to send out a reminder a day or two before, and the day of your event!

Post about your event on social media

Please tag and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

Hang flyers in busy areas

Hang flyers wherever you think a lot of people will see them!

Ask local schools or businesses for permission to announce your clothing drive, and give information about Compass Family Services!

Raise awareness about your event by publicizing it in newsletters, blogs or announcing it at meetings.

Give incentives to participate!

Provide snacks! Offer free finger sandwiches or baked goods to encourage people to participate!

Learn more about Compass Family Services:

Contact the Volunteer Manager to schedule a tour of Compass Family Services to learn more about our programs and other ways you can help!

STEP 3: Schedule a time to drop off your donations at Compass

Finalize the Drive!

Contact Karin Lamb at Compass Family Services to schedule a time to drop off your donation. Call 415-644-0504 ext. 1112 or Email klamb@compass-sf.org.

Learn more about Compass Family Services:

Contact Karin Lamb to schedule a tour of Compass Family Services to learn more about our programs and other ways you can help!


Send a thank you! Congratulate yourself, your team and thank everyone who donated to your drive.

Promote Your Event

Thank you for wanting to get involved and help us alleviate family homelessness!

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