Jamestown Ben honeycutt

In 1606 the King of England gave the Virginia Company permission to settle explore and govern in the New World. On May 13 the settlers arrived at the site that they would build a new colony in. The King gave strict orders to find good land to live in but the settlers ignored these orders. Soon after building however, many settlers died during the Winter. Only thirty-eight of the original 105 settlers were alive after Winter. After John Smith became the leader of Jamestown few accidents had happened until 1608 when a fire destroyed most of Jamestown. Almost immediately after John Smith left in 1609 due to an injury many settlers died. In 1624 Virginia became a royal colony.
Pocahontas is the Powhatan princess that saved John Smiths life. Pocahontas often snuck out of her village to take food to the settlers. After John Smith left Jamestown the friendship between the settlers and the Powhatan had faded. But, in 1614 Pocahontas married John Rolfe. The marriage started a friendship between the two groups. In 1616 the Rolfes went to England. While Pocahontas was in England her name was changed to Rebecca. But, in 1617 Pocahontas died of Small Pox. Though she had died the friendship ,between the Powhatan and the colonists, lasted for a few more years.
When John Rolfe experimented with tobacco he was able to make good tobacco that he could sale to the people in England. With this idea Rolfe gained a lot of money and soon people learned to make it just the same. Jamestown had become a one crop economy. The new riches found in Jamestown had helped them out a lot but the tobacco could not survive the winters. Once the winter was over tobacco began planting again. In 1619 a representative democracy was introduced to the colonists . Soon the colony was thriving once again.
John Smith grew up on his family's farm. In his teens he became an apprentice to a wealthy merchant. He fought with the Netherlands to win their freedom from Spain. When he later fought with Austria against the Ottoman Empire he was captured in Turkey. He later escaped to Russia and then went back to England in 1604 or 1605. On September 10, 1608 John Smith became leader of Jamestown. In 1609 John Smith was injured and sent back to England.
Christopher Newport was introduced to the ocean and loved it at a young age. He quickly became a master mariner. After raiding Spanish ships he was made captain in 1590. His first command was Little John. During a battle against Spain he lost his arm. He became part owner of the Neptune in the mid-1590's.He was in command of the Godspeed, The Discovery, and the Susan Constant. After they landed in Cape Henry, he was made a member of a seven person governing body in Jamestown. He died on the island of Java in 1617.
At the peak of Powhatan's power he ruled over 13,000 to 34,000 people. He was a strict, astute, and energetic leader. He brought two tribes together so the now one tribe was called Powhatan in his honor. When the colonists first arrived, and were thought to be a threat to the Powhatan tribe, he would kill any colonist that stepped foot outside of the Jamestown walls and he would try to stop some of the supply ships going to Jamestown. Powhatan gave John Rolfe permission to marry his daughter, Pocahontas. The marriage marked the start of a friendship between the tribe and the colonists. This friendship lasted long after his death in April 1618.
Richard Hakluyt was a geographer in Jamestown. His father died when he was five years old. His fascination with geography and travel had him go to the Middle Temple in England. When he heard the news about ships leaving to go to the New World he was super excited. He would read any account about geography he could get his hands on. in 1616 he died.
John Rolfe set out to go to Jamestown in 1609 but his ship wrecked and he was stuck in the Bermudas which delayed his appearance in Jamestown by one year. In 1612 he began experimenting with tobacco and soon Jamestown became a one-crop economy. In 1614 Rolfe asked Powhatan for permission to marry Pocahontas. On April 5, 1614 the two got married creating a friendship that would last for a while. Soon the Rolfe's set out to go to England where Pocahontas would be renamed Rebecca Rolfe. After Rebecca died John and his son went back to Virginia where John remarried.
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