My Vacation to Rome Created BY:Jose-ANgel D.

For the plane ticket it cost Around 500$, For the Room it cost About 400$, Each meal i ate cost around 12$ to 15$, And each museum is around 20$. So the Average a day 100$ and the Trip is around 2000$.

What makes the Colosseum (the place in the picture above) is that it was a place in Late 70 AD and they used it to entertain the emperor by making gladiators fight and its average audience was around 65,000 people.

The Trevi Fountain (the picture below) was made in 19 B.C. It dates back to be one of the oldest water sources in Rome and it was for people during that time to shower in.

The Hotel I will be staying at the Excelsior In Rome its in the middle of downtown and it has lots of parks around it.

I will be dining at any place specific places but the meals cost around 12$-15$.

A Very cool site to see while your in Rome is The Pantheon (Its in the Picture Above) its an old roman temple now its a church its a perfect example of Ancient Roman Architecture.

The Roman Forum (The Picture Below) is another interesting place it is the ruin of old important roman government buildings.

The cars above are Taxis this is one of the best ways to get around because the traffic can get slow but if it gets to slow another way of transportation is by renting a bike, Personally i will be getting around by Bicycle but if my destination is far i will just take a taxi.

The Time i will be there, There is no weather issues it will be high 60's and mid 70's so i don't think i will have to prepare for anything except if it gets cloudy maybe get an umbrella.

Everywhere i have stated above involves history and that's all i'm going for and the culture is close to Americans the difference they worship gods.


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