Coffee Time Snack #1 Ferrero Rocher. Thank me later for free advertising.

We all need breaks sometimes. I take occasional breaks from enhancing my photos (I choose to use the word "enhance", not "edit". "Editing" implies that the image was so far gone, or THAT bad that you had to spend an hour fixing it, but it wouldn't have been an issue if you just took the picture right!)

One of the things I do in my breaks, is to make a coffee, take a smoke and have a small snack. And get lost in my thoughts. It gives me a chance to go back to the images with a fresh set of eyes. I often get back to my photography stuff and finish up with a different and better attitude. As I was constructing this paragraph, I actually got called for a smoke break by my colleague Natasha - had a chat, had a smoke, had a laugh. And it's made a positive difference.


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