Plate Boundaries

Convergent Boundaries are tectonic 2 plates that collided together, an other word for convergent boundaries is destructive plate boundaries.

The Divergent Boundaries are boundaries that occur between oceanic plates and exist as mid-oceanic ridges. Divergent boundaries also form volcanic islands which occur when the plates move apart to produce gaps which molten lava rises to fill. These boundaries pull apart from each other.

Transform boundaries are places where plates slide sideways past each other. At transform boundaries lithosphere is neither created nor destroyed.

How all the plate boundaries move.


Created with images by mckaysavage - "Iceland - Thingvellir 15 - plate boundary fault line" • Unsplash - "tectonic plates canyon rift" • pmlbird - "PML Convergent Boundary" • Glyn Lowe Photoworks. - "Mid-Atlantic Ridge - Iceland" • simonallardice - "North American plate & the site of the first Icelandic Parliament"

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