A divine time at "The Divine" By Uma Kumar

I was never one to go sit in the front to watch a movie or play. I preferred to watch from the back so I can view it as a whole. But this time, I was seated in the front. I was already worried with thoughts going in my head like “what if the actors can see my expressions? Is it not better in the back? Why am I so close?”. The seating change did provide me with an experience. I was able to make a connection to the actors’ emotions. For example, Michaud’s pretend death scene seemed even more emphasized from where I sat.

This made me realize where you are situated has a lot to do with how you feel and what you accomplish. Being in area surrounded by unfriendly people does not provide the motivation one needs to move forward and reach their end goal. Overall, it is hard to reach the Good Life when surrounded by negativity. So, it is necessary to be in a good place to reach well the Good Life.

Second row seats.

I went to the play with my roommate, and I am glad I did. I was able to share the experience with someone. There was point in the play where I was confused and I was able to ask questions to clear the confusions. I made friends with the people who sat next to me which made me feel more comfortable. After exiting the auditorium, I caught up with a couple of friends who were seated in the back; we discussed about the play and shared our emotions and interpretations of everything. Attending with others enhanced my experience because I was able to see new perspectives of certain aspects of the play which I would not have noticed if I were with myself. Shared experiences play a role in the Good Life since it is hard to reach places alone; there is a need for support, and the support comes from the people around you.

Play time.

The play is set in Quebec City, Canada in the early 1900s. It helped me understand more about culture; each culture has its own values which causes people to think in certain ways. The way someone interprets the value also depends on how they act; it does not always mean actions with cultural or religious justification are right. In the performance, many issues were addressed: child labor, poverty, sexual and emotional abuse. The play also covered two different perspectives people uphold: religious and business. I had some knowledge about the issues prior to the play from earlier discussions in previous classes, but I was not aware that the issues would be the play’s center focus. The performance did not change my view but it confirmed my view that what you see on the surface, the superficial matter is not true. But, I did learn people that were oppressed followed what they were told to do as sacrifices to aid their family. This is seen in a scene where Talbot was forced to accept cover up story about the fight as the truth in order to save his family and their dignity. I was able to relate to the subject because I am from a third-world country where people are unfortunately often oppressed even when they work hard, and they do not keep a stand for themselves in order to gain some money to help to leave some struggles behind.

Ready to travel to Quebec City in 1905.

Katharsis is displayed in the play in multiple ways. Talbot’s acceptance of the truth of his abusive past is a way of katharsis. Confronting others is not an action most are comfortable with especially when it is in front of a lot of people. There is a confrontation about a list of issues but in an indirect manner in this play. And it is also in front of a lot of people since it is in a theater, which is almost like a form of media. The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt provides us an opportunity for katharsis by showing unknown struggles of the poor to the rich or middle class.

My first play at the Constans Theatre

The play exceeded my expectations and is one everyone should watch!

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