Fisher Heritage By: Ethan Fisher

My cultural heritage is very diverse, because South Africa is a very diverse country. Full of Nguni people, the San people, the Sotho Stana, the Tsonga, and the Venda. There are also Europeans, Asians, and mixed South Africans as well. My personal background is mostly Dutch, Pilipino, South African, Joven Island, and American.

The similarities to American culture to South African is that we actually celebrate Halloween. Way back when they didn't celebrate it for it mostly for the dead to come back to this world, who died in the previous year. Another similarity is that we both like to praise sports, like we love football, South Africa loves Rugby. The season is the same time as the football season and is very popular when it's on.

Some differences are that in South Africa a day after Christmas is called "Boxing Day" that means all the people box up their leftovers from Christmas and go to the beach. This holiday was brought from the English, it's basically a second celebration. This celebration started over 800 years ago. Another difference is in the dancing and music, today a lot of South African made songs are gospel, jazz, hip-hop and rock ; but some have a local flavor to it as well. America mostly produces R&B, Pop, Hip-Hop, and Country Music.

My Family name is Fisher, in English it means Fisherman or in some cases someone who's lived near a river or a body of water. It is believed the English and the German were the main origins to this name. The name Fisher was dated all the way back to 1066 A.D. Warwickashire where they held a family seat and were granted land by Duke William of Normandy for their assistance in Battle of Hastings

Language - South Africa has made Afrikaans its official language. It was dialected as early as 1685 by the Dutch settlers.

Religion - Since being a diverse country, South Africa has a freeedom to believe in any religion. Surprisingly 86.8% of the population are Christian.

History - The first ever group of people were the San and Kohoekhoe people. A Dutch settler named Jan Van Riebeeck took 90 men and sailed to the Cape of Good Hope in 1652. Their initial mission was to create a pit stop for the European trade route. They started to make Fort and a vegetable garden for the route. Year after year as it became more popular, the Kohoekhoe began to lose more ground.

Daily Life - Since the country of South Africa is so diverse, a lot of different cultures are used today. An example is the food, a meat pie by the Dutch and English settlers, fish dishes by the Portuguese, and curry by the Indians. A famous way to cook is to Braai basically "grill" lots of chicken, pork, beef, sausage, and lamb. The traditional black community food is "pap and vleis" which is BBQ meat and a stiff porridige. Also Easter is a really big holiday like Christmas is to us.

Politics - The country is runned by a Democratic Party. The president Jacob Zuma, was elected in 2009. The South African government has three tiers to it, National, Provincial, and Local. Also after being wrongfully imprisoned for 27 and half years fighting for democracy and freedom for his people. Nelson Mendela was released in 1990 and became the president in 1994, when many people of different color could vote. When he was released many polictical exiles could return to South Africa.

Economics - The South African currency is called Rands, in America 1 dollar is equal to 14 rand. It's really expensive to live in South Africa, like it is to live in California.

Food - Koeksisters are a very popular dessert in South Africa, Its basically dough rolled into a ball with syrup and coconut shreds sprinkled around it.

Culture Complex - Soccer is one of the biggest sports loved in the Country. People praise this sport a whole lot. One of the famous teams is the Orlando Pirates, they are from Johannesburg.

Language - People always uses the terms "GOAL" ---Religion - People praise this sport so much, it's everywhere on TV and they always watch it ------------Daily Life - People play and watch this sport all the time, soccer jerseys are basically what people wear-History - The first ever matches were documented in 1862 an played in Cape Town and Port Elizabeth between White Civil servants and soldiers. --------------Arts -

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Politics - When South Africa hosted the 2010 World Cup, they used this as a resurface for all the crime and illnesses of the country.

Economics - Back in the 2010 World Cup, the tickets varied from 160 dollars to 900 dollars

Technological Subsystem - South Africa actually invented the Vuvuzela, normally used in sporting events and actually around the world as well. Except for America and Canada. Also the swimming pool vacuum cleaner which was invented by Ferdinand Chuavier.

Sociological Subsystem - You don't have to wait for people to give an invitation to visit. South Africans don't rarely hug friends or relatives, it's more kissing on the cheek.

Ideological Subsystem - South Africans walk through the door backwards after midnight of fear of bringing in ghosts. Since there is a huge diverse group, many beliefs are out there. Example the Muslims the "Eid" which is their Christmas.

Generic Cultural Landscape - The table mountain in South Africa is a mountain looking over the city. It's famous for hiking and cableways, it's a big tourist attraction.

Folk Culture - Guy Fawkes Day which is a English holiday, with lots of fireworks and bonfires, it's celebrated on November 5th. It's marks the date of when the Catholic conspiracy discovered to blow up the Houses of Parliment in London in 1605. Of course this more of a English culture but South African is very diverse now and days there is rarely even a true blood South African. Thanks England!!! :(

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